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Please visit our sister site "Working to Halt Online Abuse - Kid/Teen Division" at: HaltabuseKTD.org. WHOA-KTD was developed to provide information
and assistance to Kids, Teens and Parents.

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If you are working on a story about online harassment, cyberstalking or cybercrime, Jayne Hitchcock is available for interviews. From time to time other staffers or victims may be willing to be interviewed as well - please contact whoa@haltabuse.org, WHOA's President for those requests.

Jayne A. Hitchcock

WHOA President Jayne A. Hitchcock, is a noted cybercrime expert who has appeared in the media including:
For a more complete list, go to Net Crimes

She also speaks about cyberstalking to consumer and law enforcement groups and organizations

You can reach Jayne by emailing her, or calling WHOA's voicemail/fax number at 561-828-2801. She will respond immediately to any media requests.

PLEASE NOTE: WHOA's phone number is NOT for victims. Since we are an all- volunteer organization, we do not have funds to pay for long distance phone calls. If you are a victim, please go to our What To Do If You've Been Harassed page and follow the instructions there.


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